Tuesday, July 21, 2015

First Transgenic Babies are Born Sparking Debate

The Daily Mail: "Worlds First Genetically Modified Babies Born"
The Wargs Trilogy incorporates the relatively new field of science referred to as Transgenics or Transgenesis into a real-to-life story that highlights many of the issues or concerns associated with the prospects of creating human chimera. The debate associated with this field of science is beginning to build up steam with some lawmakers seeking to establish strict limitations or prohibition of transgenics altogether. 

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  1. I knew they had the capabilities of doing this but I was not aware of until now that they had actually opened Pandora's box. The ramifications of such acts will be beyond our comprehension. Human life as we know it today will cease to exist. With all the children whom are without parents I would adopt one of those children rather than have someone delve in creating one for me. It's not only morbid but it's immoral and inhumane. This leaves me to ponder the fate of the human race and our future generations. The price that will be paid for such acts I'm sure will be nothing less than hell. I fear for my grandchildren and their grandchildren's future in living in a world that has no morals left. Not knowing if their children will be born as inhuman and unnatural. I'm grateful I will not be here when God places his rath on such indignities, and pray for the future of my family's future.