Sunday, July 5, 2015

Insights into the writing of the Wargs Trilogy

When writing the Wargs Trilogy I sought to write a thriller that is not only an original story line, but a thriller layered with mystery, love, tragedy, fringe science, moral and ethical issues, and certain spiritual/religious parallels. I envisioned the novel series to be one of those that will have you going back and reading it a second or third time, and each time finding something new. The science portrayed in the novel series is all based on current scientific experiments that have or are being conducted in labs around the world. Transgenics, human-animal transgenesis (hybrids), genetic engineering for species modification, are all real-world science being developed and/or exploited. The Cartagena Protocols for Bio Safety establishes guidelines that prohibit the exploitation of Transgenics to the extent that new species of living organisms should not be created or existing species should not be modified to the extent that they become classified as a new species. I will post links that will highlights of the moral and ethical debates surrounding the field of fringe science labeled transgenesis or transgenics. I hope you enjoy the Wargs Trilogy. Wargs: Curse of Misty Hollow is the first installment in the series and was just released in June 2015. You can find it in paperback and ebook formats, available through Lulu.Com,, iBooks, and Kobo. Thanks, D Allen Rutherford

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